Musai’s life story is amazing.

A young man from Jakarta got the idea of creating a trademark in September 2020. This young man comes from a family of entrepreneurs with a history in the garment industry, and he works in the retail fashion industry with global names.

Of course, as a result of his experiences, this young man created fashion products. With the world facing a contagious and deadly epidemic in 2020, a new habit in human civilization has emerged in which everyone who leaves the house is required to wear a mask to protect themselves from the outbreak.

With this situation in mind, the young man attempts to design a fashionable mask product that can be used to protect himself while also keeping his fashionable appearance.

Musai, the youth’s trademark name, is taken from Greek mythology and symbolizes “Art.” Musai has been in business for over a year and has produced over 3000 items in only eight months..

“Used For All” , Musai’s aim is that all individuals from any nation, ethnicity, or culture would feel comfortable wearing Musai items.

Hopefully, this young man’s passion will not fade, and he will be able to grow and develop in order to
establish a global brand.

A young dreamer’s storyline – Founder Musai