Who can predict that the world’s population will cease to expand in 2019 due to the presence of an infectious and lethal virus? Almost all nations have temporarily stopped all citizen activity.

The humanitarian crisis caused on by this infectious disease has had a massive impact, beginning with health, education, social life, and the economy, which has been almost completely paralyzed.

Humans were pushed to adapt to practices that considered illogical at the time, such as wearing masks, avoiding crowds, keeping our distance when socializing, and regularly washing our hands after touching anything.

Finally, until 2021, all of most people’s goals will be changed to emphasize that health is more important than everything else.

We don’t know how long this epidemic will persist, but we can continue to adapt to the world’s way of life for the time being. This is natural human behavior.

Take care of your health, stay safe, and keep yourself and others safe.

Musai – Creative Thinking