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“Stock Levels?

The item is still available as long as it is displayed and there is no indication that it has sold out. If the quantity of products is getting close to the limit, a notification will be sent.

What colors and models are available?

This website’s colors are always available in their entirety. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us as soon as possible by clicking on the CS logo on this page.

Why do I see more models on other websites ?

The products on this website are new arrivals. We give great service to our customers by carrying the most new products.

How To Purchase ?

Before making a purchase, choose a product and carefully read the product description before adding it to your shopping cart and inputting all of your data and address.

What if you’ve already made a payment ?

After you have completed the payment, please contact us immediately by using the contact channel or clicking on the CS chat icon on this website.
Confirm the order number and also the amount transferred.

“When will the product be delivered ?

When we get confirmation of payment and your order number, we will inform you.

Whats is Musai’s Delivery Policy ?

The rules on when the products are shipped and what is required so that the things we ordered get in our hands are listed in the terms and conditions that we have set.

What if I wish to change the address where my package will be delivered ?

Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm this, and we will change the destination address of any items that have not yet been delivered by the delivery service courier. If the products were delivered by a delivery service courier or a delivery receipt number was provided, the address that was used is the first one you registered.