Sometimes, we just need to go far by ourselves. To find what has never seen before.

So many inquiries from friends of yours who are really excited to talk about beaches, especially now that social media content seekers talk about them a lot. Personally, because I can’t tolerate cold, I’m more interested in the beach. There’s warmth on the beach. As a Sagittarius, it makes me desire to discover new tourist places in the island of Java, growing up in the family who likes traversing and adventure. Like mountains, valleys, beaches, lakes and so forth. Whether I had been asked where I like to go, it would be hard since I don’t know if this is my decision.

While there are many Indonesian destinations, beach tourism is the most popular among urban travelers, including destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Raja Ampat, and others. This is something you’ll see a lot on Instagram. Of course, the islands are linked to a variety of intriguing tourist sites.

My best vacation destination is Bali. The reason is simple. Its natural beauty isn’t limited to beach vacations. However, there is a religious sense connected with freedom of expression that makes me want to back there. I always try to stop by for a few days or even a few hours at a beach wherever I go just to say hello and wonder how you ‘re feeling. I found calmness there.

Author of stories – FLO