Musai is a fashion business that focuses to create a new fashion trend. Musai is taken from The greek mythology and means “Goddess Groups that Symbolize Art.” Musai was inspired by events that would represent a breakthrough moment in human history when the Covid-19 outbreak hit the world in 2020.

As a result, we are inspired to design masks or clothing to protect the body while also having aesthetic value mixed with fashion and the primary function of comfort and safety.


Musai develops artistic clothes and accessories, as well as clothing alternatives that blend innovation
and fashion. Musai expects that the items supplied will be in high demand by the general public and that
the company will become a big name in the field of retail fashion in the country, particularly for
Indonesian residents, as well as on the worldwide stage.


Musai’s essential elements are art, energy, comfort, flexibility, and uniqueness


The letter U in the name Musai represents human fingerprints, and Musai thinks that every work of art
made stems from the ingenuity of one’s fingers.


The Musai Brand Logo’s red color choice represents passion and energy. In psychology, red representscourage, strength, and energy, as well as passion and joy. Furthermore, red is the strongest color and it belongs to the warm color family. Most of your bodily reactions may be represented by the meaning of the color red.